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Over the years of my work, I was contacted by dozens of people who were scammed, when they tried to get some courses or tickets. On these days, social networks are not only used by ordinary people, but there are also many unscrupulous citizens who want to make a profit by deceit. So there is some advice what to do before sending money for any services offered:

Everything is very simple – if you are work transparently and honestly, you do not need to hide your name, the name of your activities, your photo, or be afraid providing all the information required by the client.

My dear clients, be careful and protect your money 🙂

Patirties neturėjimas


One of most popular questions is:  will I find a job without experience? We usually hear this question from clients who want to take plant machinery courses in the construction or warehousing sector. Then we ask our clients: how did the tens of thousands of drivers who currently operate these machines, gain their experience? None of them was born knowing how to operate an excavator or a forklift, and just like you, they were born with zero experience. You just need to put a little more effort, self-confidence, desire, persistence, listen to some advice and go forward. If you do not get a job in the first or the second place, you will get it in the third place. Every day we communicate with people who decide to start something new, who want to change their annoying jobs and to seek better pay or better working conditions. During all this time, we have gain a lot of experience, and we can share it with you. We can advise you how to start things easier and simpler.


Each country has its own accredited organizations whose certificates are recognized in that country. There are also international organizations, such as IPAF, which has its representatives in more than 80 countries. IPAF certificates are recognized everywhere. However, in practice, it usually depends on the employer. If the employer accepts your document, then everything is fine. People who have got certificates with our help during 13 years of our activities, are successfully working not only in the United Kingdom, but also in Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Scandinavian countries, Western Europe or even in the USA and Canada. Just like English is the number one language in the world, English certificates are also accepted everywhere.



Most certificates have a validity period and are valid from 3 to 5 years.

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